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With striking colours and a unique design, the urban art installation, “Home” has made a big impact on the Western Foreshore. This thought-provoking artwork was installed in 2015 as part of the City of Mandurah’s Family Friendly Foreshore Program. The initiative was funded through the Federal Attorney General’s Department, Safer Streets Programme.

Artist Steve Browne collaborated with young people and community groups in the City of Mandurah. Valuable input was received from Barbara Pickett, George Walley, Carol Richards and Gayle Mitchell as well as young people from Coodanup College and the City of Mandurah Junior Council.  Many voices were heard and many ideas were discussed as the direction and focus of the artwork morphed into what we see today.  The final installation was completed over three days in December 2015.

The artist has created a “Storybook” feel, something that a family can stop to look at, read, discuss and discover. The design includes six panels, one for each of the six Indigenous Seasons, with each panel featuring flora and fauna from the region as well as an interesting local historical story. The dominant seasonal colours were discussed with Barbara Pickett and drawn from her teaching at local schools in the area.

A wagyl of colour winds its way through the artwork, tying together the stories of creation, the history of the site, and the contemporary stories of today.  The artwork is finished with a thought provoking quote from George Walley. 

The feeling behind the art piece is that although some of the landscape may have changed over time, the simple things remain and the land continues to thrive.


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