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Yaburgurt Memorial Project 


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History of Project

The aim of this project is to create a public artwork that will bring to life the character and essence of Yaburgurt and commemorate his life through a series of programs and events.

The Yaburgurt project identifies the life journey of an amazing Noongar leader, whose father (Winjan) and grandfather (Mogum) were leaders in the area. Yaburgurt was born  in Koolyininap (Halls Head) in 1824, a survivor of the Pinjarra Massacre he  became a significant  influential Noongar leader in the  region. Settlers gave him a name ‘George’ so we also know of him as George Winjan.

 Yaburgurt saw much change and left a legacy that includes his wisdom, his knowledge of culture, his understanding and relationship of the land and the leadership of his people.  There is a  thread of cooperation and tolerance through his personal story as he found his way to work with the early colonising communities to great effect becoming one of the first Aboriginal people in the region to embrace reconciliation.

The origins of this project came from the Koolbardies Talking women’s group who wanted to commemorate the one hundredth year anniversary of Yaburgurt’s death in 2015.


  • A symbolic and practical recognition of  a significant Indigenous person and  Aboriginal people in Western Australia;
  • Celebrate the life of Yaburgurt highlighting the area’s indigenous and unique characteristics;
  • Increased profile of Yaburgurt, his life and his importance to the history and heritage of the Bindjareb people and Mandurah;
  • Encourage residents and visitors to make meaningful connections with Mandurah’s history and heritage;
  • Encourage a sense of place and identity for residents and visitors.

Yaburgurt Reference Group

A reference group made up of representatives from the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community and City of Mandurah officers is in place to drive the project forward.

Project Manager/Chairperson: George Walley

Management Group: Yaburgurt Reference Group (consisting of representation from groups below)

Lead Community Group: Koolbardies Talking Group

Supporting Agencies: City of Mandurah, Nidjalla Waangan Mia, Christs’ Church Anglican Parish of Mandurah, Mandurah Baptist College, Peel Harvey Catchment Council  and Coodanup Community College

Educational Resources

To access educational resources developed for this project click here.


For more information: [email protected]