In the vicinity is an important men’s meeting place. In addition, it was an important bean pole cutting place, a fishing and hunting place and a stop on the walk route between Mandurah and the Serpentine farmlands. It is a place of plenty with very large numbers of birds and crabs. David Nannup records that

This where the fish lay their eggs when they’re going upstream, to come down. They go through here to Serpentine River. Some of the bream mainly, they were the best, black bream. Sometimes you come here, see all that water there full of swans, another time it’s all cranes.

David and Harry Nannup remember many times camping around Black Lake and Nambeelup while they were fishing or cutting bean poles from the abundant tea tree. They remember carrying their catches of kangaroo over the shallow parts of the lake on their shoulders, taking the long walk back to Dandalup across the country.


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