Frank Nannup

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Frank Nannup was born on 25th August 1936, at the Moore River Settlement. Frank tells of his father, Joseph Nannup and his mother Dulcie Hart. His family included his grandfather David William Nannup, (his great great grandfather was an American negro), his grandmother was Emily Jones who was Irish and a white woman. Emily spent much of her later life moving around within her daughter’s family delivering babies and caring for them and their mothers in the early days following delivery. Emily had nine children. On his mother’s side, his mother’s family were originally from Williams, but had been in Quindanning.
Frank tells of his childhood, going to school, living and working around Mandurah and Pinjarra. He describes the way of life, cutting bean sticks for market gardens, making props for washing lines and selling them. He also describes the life on the reserve at Pinjarra. Frank talks about some of the aboriginal families who were present in Pinjarra and Mandurah, including the Walley’s, Kearings, Michaels, Bennell and Woods. Ways of hunting, fishing and preparing food within the camps are discussed.
Frank talks about illegal drinking, becoming drunk, arrest and imprisonment in the 1950’s. He shares with us his experiences in this time and also how his life changed. Changing his life, Frank describes his wife Pimmy’s effect on his later years, telling us of his children Franklin, Emily Rose, and Benjamin John. He also talks about a Christian and asking the Lord for support.
Finally Frank tells us a little about the setting up of the Winjan Aboriginal Centre.