Lorna Little

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Lorna Little (nee Corbett) was born in Meekatharra in 1935, in these interviews Lorna tells of her parents Rose Walley and Tom Corbett who met at Moore River. She tells of coming to Pinjarra and her father working at Creaton Farm (owned by the Paterson’s) going to school in Wannamal and later in Pinjarra. Lorna tells of home life and later living on the reserve, her father subsequently purchased a block of land.
Families that Tom Corbett and Rose Walley and later Lorna worked for included Sir Ross McLarty, Mrs Partridge and others. The interviews discuss the Pinjarra Massacre, cultural festivals and sacred sites. Nyungar Language and bush foods are talked about.
Lorna was a member of the Aboriginal Advancement League and Kulbooroo Wanderers clubs and enjoyed music and dancing.