Stan Richards

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Stan was born 4th September, 1924 and lived in various towns during his childhood. Stan went to small schools eventually receiving a Superintendents’ scholarship to attend Bunbury High School with board supplied. Stan recalls his childhood, schools he attended and some of the teachers. On leaving school he became a monitor but the war interrupted his training. He trained firstly as a wireless operator then a direction finder with the air force, serving in New Guinea.
At the conclusion of the war, Stan undertook training as a schoolteacher, commencing his work setting up youth clubs. He subsequently taught at various schools, eventually becoming an English teacher with high school students. Stan had met his wife Rosalie while at Teacher’s training; later Rosalie was to become a teacher also at Narrogin where Stan was. The couple were married in 1951 they have four children.
Because of his success with students and their exams Stan was promoted to lecturing teachers themselves at Claremont Teachers College. At the completion of his working life he was senior lecturer for three separate streams of education. One of these was Aboriginal Studies.
Stan talks of retirement, his lecturing with the Peel Summer Discovery and subsequent approach by Frank Nannup and others to write a book about the Noongah culture. This book was “Bibbulmun: Land of Many Breasts” which sold out, he arranged a reprint within Mandurah. Stan tells also of the Access 31 film of “The Spirit of Mandurah”. Stan has also written a play/ film score relating to Yagan which was viewed favourably but has not yet been filmed.
Stan and Rosalie continue to live in Mandurah; they are involved in sport, art, leatherwork and woodwork.