Hal Sutton

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Hal Sutton was born 13th February 1917, originally he lived with his family at Hall’s Cottage, moving to Sutton’s farm later in his childhood. His father George Sutton died when Hal was 8 years old and his mother Violet continued on the farm managing it for her cousin Joseph Cooper until the family shifted into their own home and ran the corner store on Pinjarra Road and Mandurah Terrace.
Hal talks extensively on the family history, growing up in Mandurah and the type of place it was in the 20’s and 30’s when he was a child. He tells of some of his schooldays and the difficulties when leaving school of getting employment. Work he undertook was delivering for Jack Wade who then leased the corner store, working for WA Trustees and later prospecting.
Signing up during the World War 2, Hal worked in the Air force as crew and a mechanic, travelling to various areas in Australia. His love of flying later led him to become involved in gliding. Hal married Connie his wife just after he signed up. After the war ended Tony Sutton with Hal purchased the Sutton’s Farm area, originally farming it but later sub-dividing the area. Hal informs us on their experience in building the Mandurah Marina and their houseboat enterprise.
This oral history also contains Hal Sutton’s memories of Local Government, Freemasons, Gliding clubs. In 2006, Hal Sutton was made Freeman of the City of Mandurah.